About Us

We bring in the best teachers, the most wholesome courses, and
ways to real education that the world needs and not just wants!

Meet Brainciti

Who we are

We are a team of entrepreneurs who have come up with the idea of finding out various ways to instil real education in people's lives and increase their morale and aesthetic standards. We help people with the instruction that the school may have forgotten to impart. They learn with us about life and various other issues that enrich their lives as individuals.

Meet Our Team

Faisal Ibrahim

Founder & CEO

Stephen Venansious

Chief Technology Officer

Anil Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

Muhammed Fahanas

Head of Finance

Nayana Shaiju

Marketing Manager

Santosh D’Souza

Chief Business Officer


Mohammed Farooq

Head of Legal & Compliance

Learning is an adventure

Discover the best version of yourself

Brainciti consists of reforming educators and employees who have the talent to bring about a change. They dedicate their lives to the personal transformations and betterment of the members of the world village.

The learning experiences at Brainciti will give you a youthful, happy, and energetic mind. It will be the perfect platform where you will be connecting with diverse people and enrich your experience.