Hammad vhora

Inspirational Coach



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english, hindi, others


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Qualification & Certificate

MBA in specialised marketing | Certified motivational speaker | Professional storyteller | Gujarati author | Life coach | Inspirational coach | Soft skill trainer.


Get the founders choice winner award at digital storytelling championship 2021 | Certified motivational speaker | Professional storyteller | Author | Life coach | Relationship coach | Skill development coach.

Current Position

Working as a full time motivational speaker, author and professional storyteller.

Why Choose Me:

From birth, I have a disability in my both eyes. I have learned from my experience is that you can do everything in the world if you have the courage to do that. I got all the achievements and success in my life which I want. I believe that I have lost my eyesight but not my vision And that’s why I am on a mission to spread positivity all over the globe as much as I can.” I am not disabled, I am differently-abled.”