Rohit Bassi

Behavioral Coach



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english, hindi


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Qualification & Certificate

Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway Certified Trainer


Being compassionate

Current Position

Speaker | Trainer | Coach

Why Choose Me:

My listeners say I am “passionate, charming and most of all he speaks from the heart. He can move crowds so that the crowds can move mountains.” I help in developing leadership communication through mindfulness. Resulting in leaders, teams, and individuals being able to lead with courage, clarity, conviction, and compassion. Thus, embracing conflicts, enriching relationships, and tapping into their emotional wisdom. In this manner mastering your communication to cultivate and elevate success. When communication is not mindful, you sabotage work, relationships, and life. Higher ability to speak and deep listening uplifts all aspects of your life. You become more persuasive and influential, with greater ease eliminate conflicts, and listen without prejudice. As a world-leading speaker, educator and motivator I do this by helping you to explore the eightfold path. It helps in mental and emotional development thus strengthens your mind. I know is the “Communication Wizard” and the “Mystic of Compassion”.