Sandeep Nath

Mindfulness Coach



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english, hindi


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Qualification & Certificate

IIT | IIM | International Reiki Master | Qigong Coach | Belief Clearing Coach | Mindfulness Coach


Founder-RENEWALism | Ex-CEO of a Consulting Company | Ancient Oriental Wisdom Practitioner | Internationally acclaimed Author of RENEWAL and Arrive At Success | Energy Master | Business Qigong Guide | Mindfulness Coach | Professional Speaker on a crusade to build a stress-free world using Inner Power

Current Position

Founder- RENEWALism | Inner Power, Energy & Mindfulness Coach

Why Choose Me:

I bring ancient oriental wisdom to solve today’s business challenges. I hold the attention of your audience and give them fresh experiences. I think Win-Win. I understand we can always find ways to work together. I am a grateful speaker. My goal is to support you in every way I can. I customize content for your audience and am prepared for changes. I always stick to time. I am very respectful of your commitments. My goal is to be invited back again and again so you can relax with certainty.