Sayeed Mohammad

Empowerment Coach


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Qualification & Certificate

MBA | A Certified Coach (CCE certified program accredited by ICF)


International experience at corporate management level | Founding member of a successful mastermind | Best selling author, written two books.

Current Position


Why Choose Me:

I am Sayeed Mohammad, an entrepreneur in the personal and professional development industry. A Mindshift and Empowering expert with transnational experience. I have been into corporate management for a couple of decades, dealt with numerous nationalities and for the last couple of years, I am exclusively into the space of transformation. I believe every individual has the ability to be exceptional, and I take it as a mission to help people progress from where they are to where they want to be and I push them to where they are meant to be. I do this through a rejuvenating program, my writings, and speaking engagements. I have authored two books, first ‘Mastermind-the circle of influence’ and second a co-authored book; ‘Bounce Back’ had hit the No.1 best seller on Amazon. I am proud and passionate about helping people realize their true potential and happy to help them transform, from WHAT they are to what they want to be.