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Achieve Your Vision Of Success In 60 Days

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What is Mastermind?

Mastermind is one of those programs that can bring significant reforms in your life and instill optimism in you. It is a 60 days program that focuses on balancing the different areas of our lives, keeping our primary values intact.

We provide you with a systematic plan that will help you enrich your life in very many ways. Our practical approach will uplift, support, and empower you throughout this journey. We will help you discover your real wishes and fancies through this, and even help you achieve them.

Wheel Of Life

This program intricately focuses on your development in various fields, such as career, finances, health, relationships, or spirituality.

Vision Board

Collaborate with us to visualize your life goals, both short term, and long term. You will get a clear mind to determine your career path.

Goal Setting

We analyze what your goals are. With the observation of all your life aspects, we will help you set the best goals for yourself.

Habit Tracking

We help you track your progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It helps you determine whether you are going in the right direction.

Accountability Partner

We will stand for you until you win!! Our 4 layer accountability will help you reaching your goals. It is all about staying with your with your daily actions consistently.

Global Network

We will help you find a place in the global network. Besides that, you can access all our mastermind sessions from anywhere around the world.


How will it benefit you?

Our programs and mastermind classes are for all those working professionals, coaches, trainers, homemakers and entrepreneurs, who want to achieve a better version of themselves. Any individual who wants to make something good for themselves has the opportunity to grab from our sea of knowledge.

The following will benefit from our programs:


What do you get?

You get what you have been desiring! With our lessons, you get a new view of life. The rejuvenated perceptions will bring in light amid the darkness.

You get :



Here are the goals that we need to achieve in those 60 days of the
mastermind program. To be successful, we need…


What to expect?

We promise you that you would see your expectations being fulfilled at the end of this wholesome learning procedure. You will find a rejuvenated and newer version of yourself.

At the end of the session You can expect:


  • 30 minutes of Peak Performer rituals every single day
  • 1-hour expert area session twice a week.
  • 1-hour mentorship session once a week.
  • 1-hour skills’ sharing once a week.
  • 30 minutes smaller group meetings at a dedicated time.
  • 30 minutes facilitator meetings once a week at agreed timings.
  • Sessions with Coaches/Mentors at mutually agreed timings.
  • Weekly assignments 
  • Program materials.
  • New batch starts every month.

Every day we will have sessions, but Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are mandatory sessions for everyone.

  • 200$ regular price.
  • 180$ early bird discount
  • Two installments in 60 days

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