New Passion With 5 AM Club

“If you can’t go outside? GO INSIDE”

What was a recent thing you came across which gave you a jaw-dropping experience? 

With the Local government announcing lockdown there were two options for everybody. Stay as you are or take up a new passion and level up. 

The new norm was to stay home and the New Mantra was “If you can’t go outside? GO INSIDE”

That’s the time I heard about the local 5 AM ONLINE club. With few Toastmasters friends already part of this group, there was some motivation. Few of my friends teamed up and attended the first session.

The first day was kind of blank, things seemed very slow-paced, & time seemed paused however mediation session was quite relaxing and distressing for the entire day. 

With schools having holidays,

It was difficult to stick to the routine. Days felt a little dizzy and drowsy initially, on the other handNewvalor and vision were formed. 

Revisiting forgotten Goals, Reviving forgotten Passion overweighed the loss of sleep. That’s how New passion was inculcated in the form of a new habit. 

As we complete 21 days of 5 am, we see the changes and feel the difference. Later going forward we have a choice to upscale to the paid well-crafted program called mastermind. As the name suggests, a group of people come together and discuss purpose, goals, and transformations in every sector of the wheel of life. It gave me a new perspective on life.

Now am a regular member of 5 AM Club,the key rituals we practice every single day is

  • Practicing Gratitude journaling, 



  • To do list,
  • act of Kindness,
  • Forgiveness,
  • Excitement &
  • Laughter yoga 

Now For the past 200 days, since June, I am part of this program This program is designed to align with the 5 am club book written by motivational speakerTony robbins. 

We have several examples where people share their stories on the platform, they inspirational and emotional stories. Few get overwhelmed, few reach out and few of them connect one to one and provide support.

Radhamani is a regular member of 5 Am. She runs a small institution and she reached out to us and asked assistance to spread the word among her community of teachers, as she felt the importance of Goal setting and reviving it every single morning. We arranged a host who could speak in the local language and now the entire teacher’s community practice 5 AM rituals without fail.

Once we had a young gentleman who lost his job due to Covid and was suffering all alone with no recourse to go back home. Few of our team members volunteered and sent him back. He came back to the platform and informed us about his wellbeing after his return. 

We have a community of wellness practitioners, who give their services to the community in the form of the act of kindness.

The entire 5 am is like a family who shares their joy and sorrow and promises to meet the next day. With most of us have not met one to we still connect a strong bonding and that’s the power of the online 5 AM community.

On this note, I would like to invite you all to attend

this session and feel the difference.

You won’t believe the difference unless you attend it regularly

for 21 days, take up a volunteers role, connect to people, and experience it/

have completed 200 sessions and we had days were 220 people come together from

all over India & UAE.

We meet every single day @5AM Dubai time & @5AM India time with the same link and URL.

Challenge yourself to become a New You. 

 “If you can’t go outside? GO INSIDE”

Author :  NayanaShaiju
5AM Club Volunteer, Public speaker & Trainer.